Amish Worship


As in Mennonite communities, the Amish celebrate Holy Communion twice each year and practice foot washing. Persons are baptized when they are admitted to formal membership in the church, about the age of 17 to 20 years.

Amish worship services are conducted in High German, whereas Pennsylvania Dutch is spoken at home and in daily discourse.

Religious services are held on a rotating basis in family homes and barns. A large wagon, filled with benches for the service and dishes and food for the meal that follows, will often be pulled to the host's property.

The use of musical instruments is not permitted in an Amish church service or at any time, as it is considered worldly and vain.

Singing, however, is important to Amish life, whether at work or at play, at home or in church. Selections from the Ausband (the Amish hymnal) are commonly sung. Group singing is always in unison and never harmonized.


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