Amish, Electricity and Technology


The use of electricity and other modern technology is fervently avoided by the Amish, because it is a prime connection to the world that could lead to temptations and worldly amenities detrimental to the community and family life.

Bottle gas is often used to operate appliances, even barbecue grills, and gas-pressured lanterns and lamps might be used for indoor lighting.

Amish communities reject the use of automobiles and use bicycles or horse-drawn buggies instead. Amish buggies are box-like and usually black, but some are white, gray, or even yellow, and many groups can be distinguished by their chosen color of buggy. The Amish may also travel, for which they usually prefer to use buses.

There are occasional exceptions to the general ban on electricity, such as adding electric flashers to buggies when required to drive legally, certain types of farm equipment such as milking equipment, and electric fences to contain cattle. Amish buggies may also be equipped with such modern conveniences as heaters, windshield wipers, and upholstered seats.

The New Order Amish permit the use of electricity, the owning of cars, and telephones in the home.


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Title Amish, Electricity and Technology
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