Amish Clothing


The Amish are especially known for their distinctive, homemade clothing, which is essentially that of 17th-century European peasants. The distinctive attire reflects the Amish resistance to change, respect for tradition and interpretation of biblical instructions against conforming to the ways of the world (e.g., Romans 12:2). Its plainness also reflects the great importance of humility in Amish communities.

Amish men and boys wear broad-brimmed hats of straw of black felt (hats are worn outside only), dark-colored suits, coats without lapels, and pants with a flap instead of zipper, often with suspenders. Men's shirts are solid colors and socks are black. Black shoes are worn when dressing up; brown shoes are for work. Shirts may have buttons but coats and vests must fasten with hooks and eyes. Men must grow beards after they marry but may not have mustaches.

Amish women and girls wear long full dresses in a solid color, which may be green, blue, brown, gray, purple, or occasionally black, with black shoes and stockings when going out. They wear aprons over their dresses and often capes or shawls over their shoulders; both are fastened with straight pins or snaps. Amish women never cut their hair, which is worn in a bun, and they are not allowed to wear jewelry of any kind. Based on 1 Corinthians 11, Amish women wear a white (occasionally black) bonnet over their hair.


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