Religion in Russia

Fast Facts and Religious Adherent Statistics
Population 142,320,790 (#9 in world) (2021 est.)
Ethnic Groups Russian 77.7%, Tatar 3.7%, Ukrainian 1.4%, Bashkir 1.1%, Chuvash 1%, Chechen 1%, other 10.2%, unspecified 3.9% (2010 est.)
Religions Russian Orthodox 15-20%, Muslim 10-15%, other Christian 2% (2006 est.)
Christianity 19.5% (2006 est.)
Russian Orthodoxy 17.5% (2006 est.)
Islam 12.5% (2006 est.)

Religion in Russia Fast Facts

  • Russian Orthodox 15-20%
  • Muslim 10-15%
  • Other Christian 2%

Note: Estimates are of practicing worshipers.

Summary of Religion in Russia

While religion in Russia today is becoming more multifaceted, the largest religion remains Orthodox Christianity. 95% of Orthodox churches in Russia belong to the Russian Orthodox Church (yet other Orthodox churches exist there as well, for example, the Armenian Orthodox Church).

Yet, statistically, the majority of Russians who belong to the Russian Orthodox Church don’t attend regularly.

Russia also contains a growing number of Muslims, Shi’a and Sunni and unaffiliated.

There are also small percentages of Christians who don’t belong to an Orthodox church as well as adherents of paganism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Judaism.

Approximately, 12% of Russians are atheists.


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