Eckankar practices

'Chelas' (students or members) practice spiritual exercises in their own homes and at their own pace. "Eckankar teaches over one hundred different exercises, all designed to give you a greater understanding of yourself and of God." ( The "Spiritual Exercises of ECK" include meditation, prayer, concentration, mental exercises, mantras, past-life discovery, and conscious dreaming. A central mantra is "HU," said to be an ancient word for God.

These techniques are said to enable Eckankar practitioners to experience "Soul Travel," a spiritual journey into other states of consciousness and other spiritual worlds, as well as solve problems, attain spiritual growth, and have a more meaningful life.

The basics of the spiritual exercises published online and in books available in bookstores. But one can also become an ECK member, which includes stages of initiation, each of which provides "a true awakening" and access to higher states of consciousness. According to the official website:

"Most ECKists receive their First Initiation during the first year of membership, and it often comes in a dream. After two years of ECK membership, you may request your Second Initiation." ( Membership also allows members to "link up with" the living ECK master, Harold Klemp.