Glossary of Christianity


This glossary of Christianity provides definitions of terms related to Christianity, with links to full articles where available.

Metal ties or plates used to fasten together timbers or masonry.
A halo that surrounds a sacred figure's whole body.
baptismal cross
Cross with eight points, symbolizing regeneration.
budded cross
Cross with trefoils representing the Trinity.
Celtic cross
Cross with a circle around the intersecting bars, often intricately decorated.
Chi Rho
Forms appearing like the letter "P" crossed by the letter "X," actually the first two letters of the Greek word for "Christ," chi and rho, used to symbolize the name in Christian iconography.
Christ Pantocrator
Christ as "Ruler of the Universe," a common image in Orthodox iconography.
Council of Nicea
Council of Christian bishops convened by Emperor Constantine in 325 in modern-day Iznik, Turkey. Condemned Arianism as a heresy and produced the Nicene Creed.
Creator's star
A six-pointed star representing the six days of creation and six attributes of God the Creator.
An object consisting of two intersecting bars, most commonly used as a Christian symbol or devotional object. Crosses come in a variety of forms and materials and may be small or large, plain or richly decorated.

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