Adherents of Buddhism

Definition: Adherents of Buddhism
500 million


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  2. Wormold, Benjamin. “Projected Changes in the Global Buddhist Population.” 2 April 2015. This 2015 article projects the 2020 Buddhist population to be 506,990,000, or 6.6% of the world population. "The number of Buddhists around the world is expected to increase between 2010 and 2030, rising from 488 million to about 511 million. However, the global Buddhist population is projected to decline after 2030.... The projected decline in the share of the world’s population that is Buddhist is a result of Buddhists’ aging population and low fertility rate relative to other religious groups."
  3. The Global Religious Landscape: Buddhism.” Pew Research Center. 18 December 2012. "There are about 488 million Buddhists worldwide, representing 7% of the world’s total population as of 2010."

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