Religion in Denmark

Fast Facts and Religious Adherent Statistics
Population 5,894,687 (#113 in world) (2021 est.)
Ethnic Groups Danish (includes Greenlandic (who are predominantly Inuit) and Faroese) 86.3%, Turkish 1.1%, other 12.6% (largest groups are Polish, Syrian, German, Iraqi, and Romanian) (2018 est.)
Religions Evangelical Lutheran (official) 74.7%, Muslim 5.5%, other/none/unspecified (denominations of less than 1% each in descending order of size include Roman Catholic, Jehovah's Witness, Serbian Orthodox Christian, Jewish, Baptist, Buddhist, Mormon, Pentecostal, and nondenominational Christian) 19.8%
Christianity 76% (est.)
Lutheranism 74.7% (est.)
Protestantism 74.7% (est.)
Islam 5.5% (est.)


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