Temple of Set


The Temple of Set was started in 1975 by Michael. A Aquino.

It was given its title after Aquino stated that the Egyptian god Set spoke to him. Aquino was a member of Anton LaVey's Church of Satan until he and others left the organization over administrative differences. The philosophy of The Temple of Set stresses self-enhancement through education and experimentation.

The book, The Jewelled Tablets of Set, articulates degrees within the order:

1st degree - Setian

2nd degree - Adept

3rd degree - Priest/Priestess

4th degree - Magister/Magistra Templi

5th degree - Magus/Maga

6th degree - Ipsissimus/Ipsissima

Local groups of the Temple of Set are called Pylons. Members get together to talk about various topics concerning ultimate reality.


Temple of Set website: www.xeper.org/

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