Glossary of Taoism


This glossary of Taoism provides definitions of terms related to Taoism, with links to full articles where available.

Traditional Chinese medical treatment using needles to stimulate the flow of ch'i in the body.
Celestial Master
(Chinese T'ien-shih). Title held by the hereditary leader of Orthodox Unity Taoism.
(Chinese, "enduring"). The permanent and eternal.
(Chinese, "air, "breath, "strength"). Life energy that flows throughout the human body and the universe.
(Chinese). Ritual of purification.
Chang Kuo-lao
One of the Eight Immortals. Connected with a historical figure of the T'ang dynasty, his symbol is a fish-drum.
Chang San-feng
Taoist immortal traditionally considered the founder of t'ai-chi ch'uan.
(Chinese, "semen", "seed"). Vital essence.
Chuang-tzu (Zhuangzi)
Taoist text named for its primary author, "Master Chuang" (c. 369-286 BCE). Also known as Nan-hua chenching (“The Pure Classic of Nan-hua”). Composed in the 4th or 3rd century BCE.
Chung-li Ch'uan
One of the Eight Immortals. He is depicted as a stout man with a near-bald head but a long beard. His symbol is a fan, indicating power to raise the dead.
Religious Taoism in Japan.
(Chinese, "wind and water"). A form of divination whose goal is to place homes, cemeteries, furniture, etc. in the best location.
Han Hsiang-tzu
One of the Eight Immortals. He is depicted as a peaceful mountain-dweller with a flute, flowers and a peach. He is the patron of music.
Ho Hsien-ku
The only female Immortal.
(Chinese, "fluttering") The Immortals, who are described in the Chuang-tzu. Perhaps originally intended to be allegorical, the nature and abilities of these beings became a practical goal for later Taoists.

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