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Compare Biblical Accounts of the Resurrection

Below is a comparison chart showing all the accounts of the resurrection of Jesus and post-resurrection appearances reported in the Bible, particularly the four Gospels. It is presented in general chronological order of the events and arranged by specific aspects of the story to highlight similarities and differences. The books of the Bible are listed in the generally-agreed chronological order in which they were written, from earliest (1 Corinthians) to latest (John). Information and wording is from the NIV (New International Version). The verses after Mark 8 are not included because they are widely regarded as later additions. A dash indicates the event/information is not mentioned in that account.

The biblical accounts of the resurrection are one of the primary topics of debate between non-Christian critics and Christian apologists. The former regard the accounts as contradictory and another reason rational people should reject Christianity, while the latter have presented various theories on how the various accounts might be harmonized. Arguments from both sides can be found in the sources listed at the bottom of this page.


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Title Compare Biblical Accounts of the Resurrection
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