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published: 1/14/05
updated: 1/20/13

Fast Facts on Scientology

Date founded: 1954
Place founded: California, USA
Founder: L. Ron Hubbard (1911-1986), an American science-fiction author
Adherents: 77,000 ( or "millions" (official Scientology figures)
Main location: Western United States
Texts: Dianetics and Scientology by L. Ron Hubbard
Original language: English
Spiritual leader: auditor
Place of meeting: church
Theism: not specified

Ultimate reality: The Eighth Dynamic or Infinity
Human nature: consists of body, mind and thetan; capable of great things
Purpose of life: gain spiritual freedom by ridding one's mind of engrams
Afterlife: reincarnation
Symbols: Double "S"; shining cross
Special days: March 13 - Hubbard's birthday (in 1911) May 9 - publication of Dianetics (in 1950) 2nd Sunday in September - Auditor's Day October 7 - annual meeting of International Association of Scientologists
Eight Dynamics: 1. Self (the urge to survive as an individual)
2. Creativity (the urge to survive through family).
3. Group survival (the urge to survive through a group such as a nation, team, community, race, etc.)
4. Species (the urge to survive through the survival of the human species)
5. Life forms (the urge for life itself)
6. Physical universe (the urge of the universe to survive)
7. Spiritual dynamic (the urge for the survival of the life source)
8. Infinity (the urge to exist as infinity or God)

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