Islamic Symbols

What are the symbols of Islam?

star and crescent

Name: The Star and Crescnt

The star and crescent is the best-known symbol used to represent Islam. It features prominently on the flags of many countries in the Islamic world, notably Turkey and Pakistan. It's sometimes colored white with a green background. The symbolized was popluarized during the Ottoman Empire.

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Name: The name "Allah"

The word "Allah" is very important in Islam. Certain words in Arabic script or characters can be regarded as visually representing Islam, such as "Allah." When used as a symbol, the script appears decorated.

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flag of pakistan

Name: The color green

Seen here in the glaf of Pakistan, green is the official color of Islam. Scholars speculate that green is valued in Islam because of it's associations with life, making it important to the idea of paradise in Islam. The Quran mentions green in different places (e.g. Surah 55:76).

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Name: Mosque

The imagery of mosques, the sacred place of worship in Islam, is sometimes used as a symbol by Muslims. The imagery can take on different forms. Variations include the rounded dome roofs upon which a crescent moon is sometimes placed as decoration.

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Name: The Kaaba

The Kaaba is the most sacred place in Islam, a mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. It is in the shape of a black "cube" and pictures often show Muslims dressed in white walking around it in prayer. Various images of the Kaaba, real or drawn, are often used in Islam.

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