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published: 6/10/13

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ten commandments
The 10 Commandments
Circa 2nd century B.C.

Who was Naomi?

Naomi was the wife of Elimelech and mother-in-law of Ruth ( Ruth 1:2 through 4:17).

She went with her husband to the land of Moab, and after his death returned to Bethlehem.

When greeted on her return, she told the women of the town to call her, not no‛ŏmı̄ ("pleasantness"), but mārāh ("bitterness"), "for," she said, "the Almighty hath dealt very bitterly with me."

She advised Ruth in her dealings with Boaz, and afterward nursed their child.

The name may mean "my joy," "my bliss," but is perhaps better explained according to the traditional interpretation as "the pleasant one."



IBSE, "Isaac" (in the public domain) with minor edits.