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published: 6/10/13

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ten commandments
The 10 Commandments
Circa 2nd century B.C.

Who was Elon?

(1) Elon was a Zebulunite, who judged Israel ten years, and was buried in Aijalon (Jdg 12:11,12).

(2) A son of Zebulun (Gen 46:14; Nu 26:26).

(3) A Hittite whose daughter Esau wedded (Gen 26:34; 36:2).

Elon (2)

An unidentified town in the territory of Dan named between Ithlah and Timnah (Josh 19:43). It is possibly identical with Elon-beth-Hanan which, along with Shaalbim and Bethshemesh, formed one of Solomon's commissariat districts (1 Ki 4:9). Conder has suggested Beit' Anan, about 4 miles Northwest of Neby Samwil: it is quite uncertain.



IBSE, "Isaac" (in the public domain) with minor edits.