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published: 9/6/13

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The Gospel Coalition

What is the Gospel Coalition?

The Gospel Coalition is a Reformed Evangelical Christian organization in the United States. It was founded in 2007 as "a coalition of people for the sake of promoting the gospel."

Tim Keller, a Presbyterian pastor from New York City, and Don Carson, a professor at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School initiated the first gathering in 2007 with a conference attended by 500 participants.

The conferences have representatives from major segments of the Reformed Christian community, including John Piper, a Reformed Baptist, Kevin DeYoung, a Reformed Church in America minister, and other representatives from the Presbyterian Church in America and various other Reformed denominations, often known as New Calvinists, as well as connections with other evangelical, "orthodox" denominations such as the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod.

The Coalition publishes a digital journal, Themelios. Some other notable members are Mark Driscoll, Richard Lints, Tullian Tchividjian, Ligon Duncan, and Raymond C. Ortlund, Jr.


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