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What do Vineyard Churches believe? What is the history of Vineyard Churches? These are two of the common questions people have about this Christian movement.

The Vineyard Movement is an expression of Pentecostal Christianity in the evangelical Protestant tradition.

The two men primarily responsible for the birth of the Vineyard Movement were Kenn Gulliksen and John Wimber whose ministries merged in the early 1980’s. Gulliksen was the founder of popular Bible studies in Southern California, some of which grew into churches. Wimber was a pastor in the Calvary Chapel network before doctrinal disagreements caused a separation.

In 1982 Wimber’s church joined the Vineyard network of churches and Gulliksen anointed him as leader of the movement. In a move from which Wimber would later regress, the Vineyard movement associated with churches that emphasized the practice modern-day prophecy. But after several failed prophecies, Wimber redirected Vineyard churches to concentrate on church planting.

Wimber’s death in 1997 was challenging to the Vineyard movement, but it continues to grow. Todd Hunter assumed leadership from 1998 to 2000, and Bert Waggoner took over oversight of the movement after him. Today Vineyard churches worship in the vein of Pentecostal Christianity and continue to emphasis church planting around the world.

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