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published: 3/3/05
updated: 5/7/13

Anglican Image Gallery

Images of Historical Anglican Figures and Events

Thomas Cranmer, Protestant Archbishop of Canterbury (r. 1533-56) under King Henry VIII and Edward I. Primary author of the 42 Articles and first two versions of the Book of Common Prayer. Burned at the stake under Queen Mary I, a Catholic.

Martrdom of Thomas Cranmer, March 21, 1556

King Henry VIII (r. 1509-47), who broke away from the Roman Catholic Church so he could get a divorce.

Queen Elizabeth I (r. 1558-1603), who restored Protestantism to the Church of England and shaped Anglicanism as we know it today.

Images of Current Anglican Figures

The Most Reverend Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury and leader of the Anglican Communion.

The Queen of England, Elizabeth II, plays an honorary and historical role as head of the Church of England.

The first openly gay member of the Episcopal clergy to be elected and consecrated as a diocesan bishop, Gene Robinson of the diocese of New Hampshire.

Presiding Bishop Frank Griswold of the Episcopal Church USA and Archbishop Rowan Williams.

Group photo of the 35 primates of the Anglican Communion, taken February 22, 2005.

Images of Anglican Places

Lambeth Palace on the Thames River in London, the home of the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Canterbury Cathedral, the seat of authority of the Archbishop of Canterbury.

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