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published: 12/31/12

Creationism Books

Debate Books

creation and evolution three views book

Creation and Evolution: Three Views

The Genesis Debate: Three Views

J.P. Moreland (ed.), Paul Nelson, Robert C. Newman, and Howard J. Van Till (contributors) L. Duncan/D. Hall (young earth), H. Ross/G. Archer (Day-Age), L. irons/M. Kline (Framework)

science and religion book


Science and Religion: Two Views Four Views on the Spectrum of Evangelicalism
Daniel Dennet (atheist) and Alvin Plantinga (theist) Andrew David Naselli, Collin Hansen, Kevin Bauder and R. Albert Mohler Jr.

Old Earth Creationism Books

More Than a Theory The Creator and the Cosmos
by Hugh Ross by Hugh Ross
What Darwin Didn't Know   Who Was Adam?
by Fazale Rana by Fazale Rana

Young Earth Creationism Books

The Genesis Record The New Answers Book 1
by Henry Morris by Ken Ham
The Young Earth The Lie: Evolution (Revised & Expanded)
by John Morris by Ken Ham

Gap Theory Books

Gleanings In Genesis The Scofield Study Bible
by A.W. Pink by C.I. Scofield
The Invisible War The Gap Is Not A Theory!
by Donal Grey Barnhouse by Jack Langford

Day-Age Theory Books

The Genesis Question Christianity and the Age of the Earth
by Hugh Ross by Davis A. Young
The Genesis Debate Hidden Treasures in the Book of Job
by Ronald Youngblood by Hugh Ross

Intelligent Design Books

Signature in the Cell Intelligent Design
by Stephen C. Meyer by William A. Dembski
Darwin's Black Box Intelligent Design Uncensored
by Michael Behe by William A. Dembski

Theistic Evolution Books

The Language of God: A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief Saving Darwin: How to Be a Christian and Believe in Evolution
by Francis Collins by Karl Giberson
A Case for Theistic Evolution Belief: Readings on the Reason for Faith
by Howard J. Van Till by Francis S. Collins

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