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published: 3/31/13

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Padan Aram in the Bible

Padan Aram in the Old Testament

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The Jordan River

Padan Aram is "the flat land of Aram," contrasted with the more mountainous region of the N. and N.E. of Mesopotamia (Hos. 12:12), "the field (sedeh) of Aram" (Gen. 25:20), the same as Aram Naharaim, "Aram of the two rivers," or Mesopotamia (Gen. 24:10).

Aram expresses the highland of Syria, contrasted with the lowland of Canaan.

The land between Tigris and Euphrates is a vast flat, except where the Sinjar range intersects it. The home of Rebekah, Laban, etc.



International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, which is in the public domain (with minor edits).